Wednesday September 20 , 2017
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About the Club

Members of the Nello Olivo Wine Club -- aka "WINE MOB" -- enjoy shipments of Nello Olivo wines four times a year. These shipments include newly released Nello Olivo wines or favorite Nello Olivo wines especially selected by club directors.

Club members receive 15% discount year round on 1-11 bottles of Nello Olivo wines and 25% on cases.

Join The "Wine Mob"

Join the Nello Olivo wine mob by clicking the button below and choosing which membership you wish to purchase. You may also join by visiting the tasting room or by phone: 530-409-5603

Join the Nello Olivo Wine Club

Club Options

"Friend" Membership includes 2 bottles shipped now and quarterly throughout the year. The price is $45 per shipment plus shipping and tax. Your credit card will charged this amount every quarter.

"Family" Membership includes 4 bottles shipped now and quarterly throughout the year. The price is $80 per shipment plus shipping and tax. Your credit card will charged this amount every quarter.

How It Works

Join the Wine Mob today by purchasing a membership here. The cost of joining includes membership plus your first 2 or 4 bottles of wine which we will ship immediately to you.

After joining, whenever you login to our online store, the prices for wines will reflect your 15% club discount per bottle and 25% per case. You also receive these discounts everytime you buy wine in our tasting room--except during sales or special offers which don't combine with club discounts.

Quarterly Membership Payments

Upon joining the club, your payment of $45 (Friend) or $80 (Family) covers your first quarter membership. After that, your credit card is automatically billed each quarter for the same amount plus shipping (or not, if you choose to pick up your wines at our Placerville tasting room) and tax. A day or two after charges, we'll ship your wine or hold them for pick up, according to your preference when joining.

Schedule of Charges and Shipments

Quarterly credit card charges and wine shipments happen at the beginning of the final month in each quarter--in other words, near the first of March, June, September, and December.

You are responsible to provide change of shipping address when needed. Please give us plenty of notice to make the change. 

Join the Nello Olivo Wine Club

To Cancel

You may cancel your club membership at any time in writing, but at least 30 days before you want the cancellation to take affect. You can either email us or send a note to Nello Olivo Wine Club, 4331 Rancho Rd., Cameron Park, CA 95682.

Our 30-day cancellation policy ensures enough time for us to determine if any outstanding charges exist, to stop any wine shipments scheduled for you, and to remove your information from club records before the next quarterly billing cycle.

Upon cancellation, you will no longer receive automatic quarterly wine shipments or billings to your credit card.

Your Email & Contact Information

Your email address will be added to our club list. We send emails about once a week notifying you about upcoming events or sales. You can opt out any time, but we think you'll want to know about exclusive club benefits, activities and special club pricing announced via our emails.

Please notify us as soon as possible if your email address, contact or credit card information changes.

The Wine Mob is Growing!

Our membership has grown faster than any other club in our region. Our members are a great bunch of people who are enthusiastic about our wines and who love attending our club gatherings and events. We hope you'll join us!

Join the Nello Olivo Wine Club



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