Wednesday June 28 , 2017
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NEW Limonello and Port Club Pick-up

Nello Olivo Limonello, Summer in a bottle!

Feel Summer ahead? Now come TASTE it!

This weekend, May 6-7, Nello releases Limonello--an Olivo family special recipe for that most refreshing of liqueurs, limoncello. Come on in for a taste!

Limonello is now in the bottle (retail $49),
but you can still buy it at its FUTURES PRICE

$39 bottle
$125 1/2-case
$234 case

***Ends May 7***

Get a Limonello-inspired WINE CHARM
with your Limonello purchase!

Come in and try these summery treats. (We'll give you the recipes!)

~ Limonello Cake ~
~ Limonello Ice-cream Drizzle ~
~ Limonello Sparkling Cocktail ~

Port Club Pick-up

Here's a shout out to our NEWEST PortoNello Club members who joined during Passport. Nice to have you with us!

To all members: Come pick up your club ports this weekend--Sagrantino and Limonello. (Be sure to pick up a copy of our Limonello recipes.)

PLUS, because we LOVE you, you'll get a WINE CHARM even if you don't make a purchase!

See you on Saturday or Sunday!

The Story of Limonello

In 1997 Nello visited the Olivo family homelands in Umbria, Italy. As his visit ended, relatives lovingly presented him with their last remaining bottle of that season’s limoncello, handmade from their own recipe. They made Nello promise to share it with the U.S. Olivos on his return home. But before he could stow the bottle safely away, he dropped it. It shattered and the precious drink was lost.

Now, 20 years later, Nello is making good on his promise. Bottles of his Limonello contain the authentic Olivo family version of the romantic Almalfi Coast liqueur, Limoncello—lemon infused brandy. It’s made from organic California lemons, brandy distilled from El Dorado County grapes, and is best served straight from the freezer.



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